Panda parenting: A Unique Style of Raising Independent Kids

Sep 04 , 2020

Every parent wants to raise an independent child who can look after themselves but is easy to get lost in the list of so many different parenting styles. In this never-ending list of parenting methods, one more style has made its entry, Panda parenting. It is being lauded for its innovative and creative approach of giving children the lead and the freedom when it comes to decision making. If you are the one who looks after a highly effective parenting style, then here are some things you need to know about this one:

Panda parenting is all about giving freedom to your kids for making their own decisions. So, if you are a panda parent, you will allow your child to follow their heart, experiment, and learn things the hard way. 

It is a healthy style of parenting because as per experts it allows the child to take on responsibilities and learn things. 

  • Leave decision making to them 

When you allow children to make their own decisions and think for themselves (as per their age) you instill a sense of responsibility right from the start. Panda parenting is all about letting children learn that they are responsible enough for their decisions and the consequences. Also, note that letting them decide what they should do doesn’t mean giving them complete independence. It focuses on helping your child when they are stuck and when they need you. Instead of always supervising what your child is doing. 

  • Your kindness and support is required 

When you let your kids make their own decisions, they might make mistakes and even encounter failures. This is why it is important to be kind when things go wrong and help them embrace failures as lessons for the future. When you show support and faith, the bond between you both gets stronger. Always make note that when you give your child independence they start thinking out of the box. 

  • Maintain a balance 

Providing your child freedom to make decisions without letting them do whatever they want to. The main trick is to maintain a balance between encouraging their decision-making skills and having age-appropriate rules in place. To start with, you can set some ground rules around their homework and screen time, while telling them to pick their clothes, meals, toys, hobbies, etc as per their age. 

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