Phrases You Must Not Use In Front Of Kids

Jun 07 , 2021

Check out some phrases that you must not use in front of your kids

Kids learn a lot from their parents; in the same case, they observe you when you interact with someone, especially your spouse. If you use bad words in front of them, there is a possibility that they will also adopt those words. “My son randomly started calling my husband by his name, much to my amazement he did this publically and then I realized that’s how I call him at home. I rectified and soon he stopped too!”

Little ones have impressionable minds and as a parent, we should be very cautious while taking in front of them. Sometimes we use inappropriate phrases and forget that kids are around. We have come up with some seemingly harmless phrases that you should not say when your kids are around:

1. “I am busy”

If you use this phrase in front of your children, it will send a very poor signal to them. They will feel like your spouse is not important for you rather whatever you’re doing such as texting or checking email is more important. And kids should never feel like that, your priorities can affect them.

2. “Look what you have done”

Using this phrase implies that the mistake was a super big deal, which is rude and bad. Mistakes are a big chance to learn, rather than failures. Don’t use these words in front of your kids as can make them impolite.

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3. “I don’t care”

This phrase directly shows that you are not interested in what the other person is saying. Instead of this, there are many other ways to describe that you are not interested in the discussion.

4. “You never help me in house”

Never use this phrase in front of children, it is too bad. Kids spend most of their time at home and saying this to your spouse will give them the impression that the person doing a job doesn’t do anything at all.

5. “Told you so”

It is right to ring a bell to your spouse that you were right and they were wrong, but this indicates the kids that the conversation is about being right. So, try to avoid saying it when your kids are with you.

Use better words when talking to help your child understand the complexities of relationships.

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