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When to Plan the Second Child

Apr 13 , 2021

Children always add the beautiful memories in our lives. As a single child father, I would often think when I could extend my family further but in this era where expenses are steadfastly rising, handling two kids is not an easy job. Financially, physically and mentally there are many factors which come in to plan in case you are planning for a second child.

However, if an unplanned pregnancy happens, these are the benchmarks we as a couple decided are going to be important in our decision making.

Mother’s Health

Mother’s Physical Condition

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Another most important thing is the physical condition of the mother. Fertility studies say that woman needs at least 18 months to recover her hormonal levels, body strength, and blood supply after giving a birth to her first child. So, it is important for a woman to get prepared mentally as well as physically before planning a second child.

Age Gap Between Two Children

While an unplanned baby can happen anytime, with no major age gap between the kids. Studies by health organizations say that it is important to maintain an age gap between two children otherwise it will put the mother’s health at risk. To secure the baby’s and mother’s health, the ideal gap between two children is two years. But, if the gap gets increased more than five years, it gets difficult for a mother to give a birth to a healthy baby.

Partner’s Opinion

Partners Opinion

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Before planning a second child, it is important to know your partner’s opinion because if he/she is not ready, issues come out while nurturing the newborn.

Age of the First Child

Before planning a second child, parents should keep the age of their first child in mind. According to studies, issues like sibling rivalry and attention-seeking behavior come out in front of the parents if their first child’s age is less than four years. Apart from that, parents don’t give the proper attention to the newborn if their first child is also naïve.

Financial Situation

Financial Condition

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Money has always been one of the most important factors when it comes to upbringing. Everyone knows that a newborn brings utmost happiness but as parents we need to be prepared financially to take care of the children’s needs. Another important point is parents don’t give the proper love to their children or gets frustrated with them if they aren’t financially strong.

What all factors do you consider when planning another child?

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