Stop Doing This to Your Kids!

Jul 20 , 2021

Every parent tries to be the best at parenting their kids. But some of their actions can be harmful to kids so it is better to recognize those habits and change them before they hurt kids. Here we are talking about emotional abuse, which is also called psychological abuse, a behavioral pattern that negatively affects a child’s emotional development. To know what exactly it is, we have identified some behaviors that you need to stop right now.

  • Deflecting

It refers to bringing up unrelated issues or past offenses during an argument. Stop taunting them for things that they have done before. When you bring up past mistakes, they flame up your anger and might also backfire. 

  • Gaslighting 

Most people don’t know what gaslighting is, it is a type of mental manipulation where a person makes someone else question their sanity, their decisions, or even their reality. And it is a big no-no for parents. 

  • Blaming and shaming 

Blaming and shaming your kids will make them feel that they are incapable or worthless. As parents, you must teach discipline to your children in a way that they don’t feel about themselves. 

  • Frequent yelling

Research shows that yelling is not a great parenting strategy as it leads to fear, and fear is the opposite of love. Parents who yell often have trouble regulating their own emotions. Avoid yelling instead talk to them in a calm manner. 

  •  Invasion of personal space

 You don’t have to be constantly hanging over your kid’s shoulder watching what they’re doing at all times. Though we recommend supervision and involvement but don’t break the line of invasion. 

  • Threatening 

We don’t understand that threatening to harm your kid physically is wrong, but not all parents know that non-physical harm is also abusive. So stop mentally threatening your kids. 

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