Study Reveals: Fathers are Less Stressed than Mothers

Oct 09 , 2019

The debate on who has more pressure father or mother is going on for many years, yet there is no clear answer to it. Recently a study has cleared many people’s doubts with its recent revelation on childcare.

Published in the Journal of family issues the study revealed that fathers are happier and less stressed than mothers when it comes to kids’ responsibilities. It’s true that today’s generation has changed widely and many men are changing but still the amount of time women spend with their kids and take care of their needs is more than anyone.

“A family trip to the playground is going to affect someone differently than changing diapers in the middle of the night, for example in our study, we tried to capture those variations and see if they’re related to the differences we see between mothers’ and fathers’ moods,” Cadhla McDonnell, doctoral candidate in sociology and demography at Penn State, was quoted as saying.

They also spoke about how fathers responsibilities are mainly on weekends which means it’s recreational while a woman does a solo parenting because she takes care every day even in the absence of the partner. Thus these childcare activities give more stress and less happiness for them.

“Traditionally caregiving has been seen as more central to women’s identities than it is to men’s. But that’s not the case as mothers and fathers both caring for children is highly meaningful and there is no difference by gender,” McDonnell added.

The findings show that some aspects of parenting are more enjoyable than others and thats the way childcare is distributed between mothers and fathers which brings more emotional rewards for dads than for moms.

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