The Biggest Parenting Trends of 2020

Dec 31 , 2020

The year 2020 made parenting a tough job more than ever. Since kids were trapped inside, it was the parent’s duty to pay attention to them every time. And this led to the evolution of various parenting trends. So here is the list of biggest parenting trends of 2020:

  • Grandparents as co parents 

With child care centers and schools being shut, many couples called their parents to help them look after their child. 

  • Unschooling 

As schools were online throughout this year, parents opted for unschooling. It means learning without prescribed lessons, textbooks and methods.  

  • Early potty training

With kids being at home most of the time, many parents started giving them potty training. Even before their kids turn 18 months old. 

  • All things gender neutral 

Gender neutral parenting saw a rise in India. Parents let their kids choose the type of toys they want, no more Barbie for girls and cars for kids. Parents also divide household chores. 

  • Normalizing anxiety 

All of us experienced high stress levels this year. 2020 was about honest discussions and conversations around mental health and anxiety when it comes to kids. 

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