Things Every Dad to be is Tired of Hearing

Jan 19 , 2021

Becoming a parent for the first time is a great feeling but along with that it also comes with a lot of pressure for both the mother and the father to be. However hardly anyone thinks about the situation of men at this time as everyone focuses on the lady only. But we have listed down some common things that almost every new dad to be is tired of hearing:

1- Are you really prepared for this child? Isn’t this too early?

2-  Your life will drastically change and you will lose all the freedom.

3-  There is still time to think about it and talk to your wife will she be able to tackle a baby right now?

4-How are you actually feeling?

5-  You would become an uncle now, the first in our group to have a child.

6-  What about your financial plans? Are you prepared for taking all the expenses as upbringing of a child is not that easy!

7-  You should leave your wife at her home as her mother can take care of her.

8-  What do you want? A boy or a girl?

9- Don’t be too lazy now, a new life is coming and you must take all the responsibilities sincerely.

10- I am sure if it will be a girl, she will definitely look like you, daughters are mostly daddy’s girls.

11-  Was this planned or everything happened accidentally?

12- Remember no more boys only trips anymore.

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