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Things Every Teenager Does After Fight With Parents

Apr 19 , 2021

Every child loves their parents and they mean the world to them. But there are times when disagreements and fights happen between as teenage kids are vulnerable they do various silly things to prove their point. So here are few things that every kid does during teenage after fighting with their parents:

  • The first thing is not talking to them
  • Skipping meals to emotionally blackmail them.
  • Just staying in their room whole day
  • Not listening to them and watching television
  • Not replying to their texts
  • Saying them that we are not best friends now
  • Pretending to sleep for long hours
  • Complaining about their parents to grandparents
  • Leaving the house and going to their friend’s house for a long time
  • Complaining about them to their BFF’s mother
  • Not answering their calls

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