Things Parents Should Never Tell Their Daughters

Sep 20 , 2021

In the past few years, the mindset and perceptions of many people have changed positively towards girls but there are still some parents who fail to raise them in the right way. There are many aspects in which you should think before you speak when it’s about girls. So to make your daughters grow as strong women never say these things to them

This work is not meant for you

In today’s time, girls are no less than boys and parents too should understand this. Never make your daughter feel weak, no matter what kind of physical activity it is, try to make them do it. Do not differentiate between tasks in terms of gender.

Stop clicking pictures every time

Instead of shouting on your girl for using the phone too much and, always clicking selfies, talk to them politely. Do not use any negative statement on her beauty to make her realize that this obsession is not right.

Do not talk to boys

This is one of the most common problems in our society that most of the girls face. Be strict but do not, impose restrictions that are bad for your daughter’s future. Be her friend and let her talk to boys trust her and make sure that she tells you everything.  

You are the most beautiful girl in this whole World

No doubt it’s good to praise your daughter’s beauty but, repeatedly complimenting her will make her arrogant about her looks which will be a problem for her later in life.

Don’t wear that!

In spite of teaching your girls not to wear short clothes, teach your boys that wearing revealing clothes is not wrong. When men can dress up according to their wish then why not girls? Let her wear what she wants and do not make her feel that she will be judged. Just tell her to carry nicely and according to her body.

Take your brother along

Let your daughter be free and dependent, she does not always need protection because at times in life there are situations that need to be handled alone. Sending a body guard along with her will make her feel embarrassed and under confident about herself.

This career option is not meant for girls

Never be biased in this because there is nothing that a woman is not capable of, let her chose what she wants.

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