Things that Single Mothers are tired of hearing

Things Single Mothers are Tired of Hearing

Jan 04 , 2021

Life is all about ups and downs and thus not everyone has a partner with them to walk together in all paths of life. Due to many situations, there are women who are single mothers and raise their kids bravely but no one can stop the society from judging and asking unnecessary questions. So, here are some such things that every single mother is tired of hearing.

  • Oh My God! How do you raise your child alone? Do you manage to play both the role of a father and mother perfectly?
  • What happened? Where is your husband, are you still in talking terms with him?

  • Does your child know about his father? What if he will ask you someday about him?
  • Do you take alumni from him? How do you handle all the financial expenses?

  • Are you dating someone? You should  marry again and give a second chance to your life.
  • I think you should get married for your kid. Both father and mother are really important in a child’s life.

  • You are really very strong? Life is not that easy without a partner.
  • You should spend more time with your kid and less time in  office. Your son will get involved in the bad company so take care of him.

  • What do you say to your kid when he asks you to come in PTM with his father as well?
  • I guess you should not reveal the truth to your kid right now, wait for the right time.

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