Thoughts Every Indian Mommy Gets When Her Daughter Gets Married

Jun 22 , 2020

The relationship of a mother and daughter is one of the most special bonds in this World, which can never fade away. However there comes a time when every girl gets married and thus, this moment is both happy and sad for a Mother. She goes through mixed emotions at this moment of her daughter’s life which can’t be expressed.

  • My little princess has grown up now, time really flies.
  • How will I stay without her? She used to make everyone smile, who will bring those vibes at our home?
  • I am so happy that she is getting married to the right person, he will always take care of her.
  • I hope her in-laws treat her like their own daughter. She has always been our princess.
  • I am sure she will be a great wife, daughter in law and a wonderful mother in the future.
  • I will always be there for her, getting married or going to another place does not mean she is no more our responsibility.
  • She should always stay strong and confident, women are not meant to be dominated.
  • I will never try to influence her against her new family.
  • She is a very strong girl, no matter how many hurdles come she will cross them all with patience and maturity.
  • I just want her to stay happy always, can’t see tears in her eyes.
  • She always wanted a fairytale kind of life,I wish he fulfills all her wishes.
  • I can’t wait for my grandkids now.
  • Hope she adjusts well in her new family.

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