Life changes after baby

Ways life changes after becoming parents

Apr 13 , 2021

You count down the days until you become parents, but once you become one it’s not the same and life changes forever. Each day is a new surprise as the way your child fills your life with happiness is priceless. When I holded the little one in my arms that  feeling can’t be expressed and shared. But my life took a three sixty degree turn, here is how

You become more responsible

You may question your ability to take care of your child but the same time you are also filled with energy to perform the best and get the best for your child.

The biggest luxury you want is some free time

After becoming parents, it’s all ‘time’ that you crave for the most. You want to get up early, rush to work and get back home early to spend some quality time with your child. Especially with fathers, it is more challenging. It seems 24 hours are less a day!

Parent life

Your friend’s group changes too

All your single friends won’t quite enjoy your company anymore. You are now surrounded by people who have kids of their own and are sailing in the same boat as you!

Your phone carries more of nursery rhymes and baby videos

Cool selfies, latest rap music and your favourite movies are not what your phone carries anymore. It gets replaced with endless pictures of your kid with cartoon videos.

No matter how much money you make, it’s not enough

Paying bills for your kid’s school, doctor’s bill, buying clothes etc make you feel poor as no matter how much you earn, it is never enough. It becomes mandatory to stick to the budget and have only important  things.

Your priorities change

Earlier you used to think about which car to buy or when to go for holidays, from where to order food, and now you mostly think about your child’s future, finding best schools for them and all that relates to your kid.

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