Ways mom’s can outsmart a migraine attack

Jan 21 , 2020

Migraine problems can seriously make every mommy miserable. My migraine or headache issues escalated post-baby, maybe due to lack of proper sleep. But then parenting is about lack of sleep! While we cannot fight sleep issues, we can tackle these intense headache episodes.

Many reasons can cause migraines and my triggers are usually stress about excessive workload at home and when my kid gets cranky. There can be different reasons and it differs from people to people. Check out the ways every mother can outsmart:



Find your triggers

Know your triggers and try to avoid them. Try to find out what decreases the attacks and meet a trained doctor to take medication. Like if fighting with your hubby is a trigger warn him and avoid getting into a spat. If you’re not sure of your migraine triggers, track your headaches on a calendar for a few months.

Lifestyle changes

Maintaining a good sleep cycle, regular exercising, eating right, and being hydrated reduces migraine frequency. It has also been seen that 40 minutes of exercise three times a week is very effective in reducing migraines. It is known that mothers have an excessive workload and often ignore their health. But try and do some easy workouts at home.

Explain your migraines to kids

Talk openly about your migraines with your children. This way you can help calm any fears they may have when they see you have an attack and they will know why your routine may change in those days. If they are younger explain them in their own way.

Green Tea

Learn all your migraine treatment options

If your current migraine medication is not helping you out, go for other possible options. Knowing the right treatment, it is easy to simplify things.


Planning ahead will take you a long way. Make a list of the daily chores you have to do, do not complicate things and leave it for afterwards as these are the main reasons you can trigger your migraine by your own self.

Whenever an attack sets in please try and relax with some light music, dark room and a cup of green tea.

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