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Ways to Bond with Kids on a Vacation

Jan 09 , 2020

Going on a family trip is the best time to improve and build connection with each family member and especially with children. Parents have the best opportunity during this time to solidify and secure attachment with their kids. There are many ways parents can bond with their children and we bring some for you, check them out before planning your trip this vacations!

Allow children pick activities of their own interest

Pick up a kid friendly place so that kids can pick up some activities and enjoy them. For example if you are going to a place that has activities like kayaking, canoeing, or water skiing, allow your kids to choose the activity they want to do by their own interest and do not force them to restrict to those that you decide for them.

Plan details of your travel with them

Wherever you go and however you plan your trip, always involve your children in it. Planning is very important and same ways involving kids in it, you make them excited for it. It also makes them feel their interests and advice are important and they love the trip even more.

Kids travel

Eat meals as family

Family meals allow to be with each other and discuss about each other’s days. Vacations provide a break from your everyday routine and you can plan meals together, discuss what you are enjoying about the vacation and all that you are experiencing newly. It’s fun and brings you closer.

Ask for advice of how to plan better

Try asking kids how they want the trip to be, what all to add so that it can be enjoyed more. Asking for suggestions give them a sense of responsibility they will love to take.

Give individual time to each child

Kids feel special and comfortable if you spend some time just with them and enjoy. If you are parents to two children giving individual time to both is important. Pick an activity to get involved with them but do not criticize or try to constantly correct them. Pre-teens and teens tend to open up better when parents get involved with them and share the same madness and craziness to play and learn as they have.

Stay away from phone

Smartphones are very addictive but when on a vacation  try to stay away from it and bond with the other family members.

We hope these would help you strengthening your parent-child bond! Happy vacations!

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