Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your MIL

May 06 , 2021

First Mother’s day after your wedding would be a little different for you since you will be celebrating it with your new mother-in-law. She is someone who is also there for you in the new house and helps you adjust to the new life. It is the perfect day to thank her and show your love for her. Here are some ways to celebrate Mother’s day with your new MIL; 

  • A gift 

No matter how long you’ve known your mother-in-law, giving her the perfect gift may feel just as nerve-wracking. Decide what she loves and needs, and select a gift according to that. Some options are: handbag, fitness band, jewelry, perfume, makeup basket or a new mobile phone. 

  • Cook for her 

She’s probably used to making dinner for everyone else for so long, so it’ll be a treat for her to have someone else do the cooking. Prepare her favorite dishes and make her happy. 

  • Get her a card 

Write a heartfelt letter for her, take the time to express yourself-maybe say something about her parenting style and how beautiful she is. 

  • Host a movie night 

If your mother in Law loves watching movies then you can plan a movie night with the family. Prepare some snacks, set up a screen, decide a comedy or family movie and enjoy your time.

  • Spend time with her 

Sit with her and ask her to share some good old memories with you. Both of you can watch some old pictures, or videos together as well. 

  • Bake with her 

Team work is always great and the best. Bake something together and enjoy your cooking a session together. 

The idea is to make her feel special and tell her what she means to you.

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