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Ways to Cope up With An Interfering Mother in Law

Feb 02 , 2021

Maintaining every relationship is quite difficult, but coping with the mother-in-law is one of the most complicated connection. This relationship starts with different views on the same man as one will always see him first as a man while the the other will see him as her child first. Though some of us are blessed with an understanding mothers-in-law but there are many who are not. So if yours is the second one then check out how to deal with them:

•    Resolve the conversations

Don’t end up your conversations without finding a peaceful resolution or compromise. If you feel like you are under attack then tell your partner what is going on. If you want to resolve the issue you have to address them totally and not walk away from them.

•    Make some terms and boundaries

The core of a healthy relationship is boundaries and terms.  Let her know what terms and boundaries you have set and give them some space. Think about the solutions and apply them.

•    Adjust your behavior

If you see no changes in her for a long time, then my dear it is time for you to adjust your behavior. This might include changes in how you and your partner communicate so that she doesn’t get to know many things.

•    Ask your spouse to support you

This way of a united front with your spouse will send her the message that her behavior is bothering both you and your partner. If your spouse confronts the problem first, it will signal that you both acknowledge the issue.

•    Be emotionally detached

If you will expect from someone you will be hurt, so the best thing to do is stop expecting. Overlook her jealousy, overlook her negative comments because the less emotionally you will be attached with her, the less it will hurt you.

•    Talk to her directly

Don’t be direct but convey her that you know her intentions. Don’t raise your voice but be firm and steady. Say her that you won’t tolerate her messing up with your married life.

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