Ways to Keep your Elderly Parents Warm in Winters

Jan 08 , 2021

Hypothermia is a common issue in winters so it is important to keep elderly people warm in winters. Hypothermia happens when the body temperature falls below 95 F which can lead to dangerous kidney and liver issues as well. As elderly people lose their body temperature faster, it is important to take care of them during winters. Here are some ways to keep your elderly parents warm and cosy in this weather: 

  • Keep the house warm 

Our elderly parents feel much colder than us. Keep the doors and windows of the house closed, so that it stays warm. Also make sure they have multiple layers of clothing. You can also use a heater to warm up the room. 

  • Keep them physically active

We all feel comfortable inside the blanket, but we must stay physically active. Ask your parents to move around the house. This will keep stiffness and winter blues away and maintain proper circulation of blood. 

  • Keep them hydrated 

In winters we usually don’t feel thirsty and end up drinking very less water, that makes us dehydrated which can lead to many complications such as constipation and dryness. So help your parents maintain daily water intake. Try to give them lukewarm water. 

  •  Dry fruit 

Keep a jar of dry fruits and nuts near to your parents and ask them to consume it daily. Dry fruits provide the body with nutrients, vitamins, and heat in the winter chill. 

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