Ways to Make Sure Your Teenager is Getting Enough Sleep

Jul 01 , 2020

Sleep is the most important factor that decides your health, mood, and productivity level and it also gets overlooked often. While adults realize the importance of good night sleep, teenagers fail to prioritize it. Whether it is a preparation for an upcoming debate competition or exams, most teens believe in staying up late to get things done.

As a parent, it is important for you to explain to your teens the importance of sleeping well and why they shouldn’t lose their bedtime. Here is how you can ensure that your teenager is sleeping enough and not losing out on their precious hours of sleep.

Rules for gadgets

Most of us are hooked to televisions, mobiles, tablets, and other latest gadgets for our entertainment. Make rules for devices in your house and that everyone at home puts their gadgets down at least an hour before bedtime.

Exercise routine

Lack of exercise can also ruin the sleep routine of your children. Physical activities and any form of healthy exertion help children get a good night’s sleep. Make sure that your children exercise and do something to stay fit.

Importance of darkness in the bedroom

Any form of light alerts your body and can ruin your sleep schedule. Make sure that there is complete darkness in your child’s room so that no unwanted exposure to light ruins their sleep.

Finishing work before bedtime

Make sure that your kids completes all of their work and other tasks before their bedtime. It will not only help them fix a schedule but will also keep them from stressing about things that have to be done and that too can hinder their sleep.

Apart from this, make sure they are not going through a stressful situation . Also, make sure that their beds are comfortable and mattresses are suitable for them.

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