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Ways to Practice Self-Care after Becoming a Parent

Jun 01 , 2020

When you become parents, you get busy with the little one and the self-care seems to be unattainable but is the necessity of that time. The low energy, stress, poor state of mind and too much work makes you need some self-care. We know how difficult it is to take out time for yourself after having a kid so here are some ways to do it

  • Take proper sleep

Mothers often wake up early in the morning to do things before the kids get up, but moms should not skip their sleep. Lack of sleep has various dangerous effects on health, less than six hours of sleep increases appetite that causes weight gain and it also increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So a mother should take proper sleep.

  • Eat properly

Often mothers eat children’s leftover or light meals but you need to nourish your bodies with proper food in order to stay healthy. Eat all the healthy foods, drink plenty of water and plan your meals in such a way that they are easy to make and can be stored as well so that you don’t have to cook again and again.

  • Go outdoors

Fresh air and spending time with nature is very important for all of us. Also spending time in nature is beneficial for mental and physical health both. Doing housework or baby work can be boring, so step out with your child. You will feel fresh, happy and relaxed.

  • Listen to music

Usually while handling baby we often forget to listen to music but listening music while doing some work or while taking care of the baby will make you feel great. It is said that music has calming properties that reduce stress.

  • Do some self-pampering

Source Considering Adoption

Source Considering Adoption

Mothers get so busy while taking care of a baby that they often don’t get time to go to the salon for self-pampering. So buy mani-pedi kits and use them while your baby is asleep. We are sure you will feel refreshed.  Also you can dress up sometimes to pamper yourself.

  • Build social connections

Sometimes parenting might be an isolating experience so make a routine to go out every day if you are taking your baby out then chat in the park, make friends, talk to people and stay active on social media as well.

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