What’s Your Parenting Style?

Jun 24 , 2019

Every parent has their own style of raising their child which is not an easy task as the overall personality and behavior of a child depends on how his parents approached him to the queries he had.

According to child psychologists there are four distinct approaches to raising kids. So, below we will understand these four ways in details and this will also help you in analyzing that under which category you come or what exactly you should be following.

Authoritarian Parenting

Source- FirstCry Parenting

This kind of parenting is the one where parents are strict and for them rules are rules no matter what. Your child cannot argue with you as for them your decision is the final and no one can change it. Parents under this style also don’t allow their kids to involve in any problem solving as they cannot explain or keep their opinions. Every action has a consequence so kids immediately feel sorry.

Permissive Parenting

Source- MomJunction

Rules are meant to be broken under this parenting style. Parents are too lenient and they just get angry for seconds but then cool down easily. Besides this their kids do not have a fear of making mistakes because they never get punished. The major reason behind this kind parenting is that parents want to be friends so that they never hide anything in future and share everything with them.

Authoritative Parenting

This kind of parenting is a perfect blend of Authoritarian and Permissive. Parents set expectations but also tell their children about the consequences they have to face for any mistake. They know how to approach in a balanced way and prefer that their children ask questions and try to understand the reasoning behind discipline and consequences. The best part about this style is, along with freedom the children are also taught responsibility.

Uninvolved Parenting

Source- Amazing Dreamz

Parents under this category think that no questions are needed to be asked. They leave children on their own and let them do what they want. They are not aware about their kid’s life or what’s going on with him. The consequences of such kind of parenting is that the children never get enough time from their parents and the needs remains unfulfilled which makes them violent and aggressive.

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