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Benefits of Buttermilk for Kids

Sep 06 , 2021

Chilled, delicious and healthy buttermilk is one of the most consumed drinks in summers. But in this modern time, kids prefer cold drinks or juices over it but as parents you must ask them to sip up this refreshing drinks because of its health benefits. This refreshing drink helps deal with dehydration and fatigue which children might experience because of sun exposure in summers. Read on to know other benefits of drinking buttermilk:

  •  Improves digestion

Buttermilk is a great friend for digestive system. It is a natural digestive drink as it contains ginger, pepper and jeera all together in one glass. It is a probiotic drink that contains good bacteria that is essential for our body

  •  Keeps the body cool

Buttermilk is a wonderful summer drink as it helps to cool the body. Packed with electrolytes and lots of water, it fights dehydration in the body.

  •  Prevents acidity

Source srinus

Source srinus

Buttermilk has all the essential ingredients to fight the burning sensation you feel at the time of acidity. It cools the stomach and reduces the irritation.

  •   Vitamins

Chaach is a great source of vitamins like vitamin B complex, proteins and potassium. Consuming it will provide you with great dose of vitamins.

Delicious ways to get your kid drink it:

  •   Flavored butter milk

If you child doesn’t like the original flavor of this drink, you can add up mint leaves to it.

  •  Masala Chaach

You can spice up chaach with salt, jeera and ginger

  •  Sweet chaach

If your kid doesn’t like salty buttermilk, add sugar to it.

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