Benefits of Iodine for Children

Sep 06 , 2021

According to World Health Organization (WHO) and The International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) iodine deficiency is on the rise, especially in women of childbearing age. Iodine is important for the thyroid gland as it need iodine to produce the hormones that control metabolism, growth and development.  The deficiency of it and can result in swollen throat causing goiter. So, it is essential to maintain healthy level of iodine in your child’s diet though excess of it is also harmful so a balanced diet is what doctors suggest. Checkout the benefits of iodine for your kid:

Boost metabolism

Proper iodine diet produces two hormones, thyroxine and triiodothyronine, that affects the Base Metabolic Rate. It is responsible for the body’s ability to absorb nutrients effectively. The thyroid glands too need to be working effectively as it has direct impact on cognitive health and development.

Immunity booster

Boosting immunity is one of the foremost benefits of iodine. Its adequate presence helps it preserve hydroxyl radicals such as vitamin C and also helps in proper functioning of the antioxidant. These anti-oxidants helps in fighting diseases.

Promotes high level of energy

Iodine is important for breaking down fats and maintaining metabolic rate. More fats many times make the body lethargic so having iodine is beneficial as it breaks them down and helps in promoting energy levels. Iodine ensures the energy levels remain adequate so, include iodine rich foods in your child’s dirt.

Prevents hypothyroidism

Iodine deficiency can cause many abnormal functions in the body and hypothyroidism is one of them. In this the activity of the thyroid gland is affected slowing down its work that leads to an inadequate metabolic function. This further causes many other regenerative and absorption processes and can also lead to weight gain. This is because the body is no longer breaking down fats properly.

Removes toxins

It has antibacterial and anti-oxidizing properties that fights bacteria’s, improves gastric issues with also helping out with many stomach infections.

Cures goiter

Iodine deficiency causes goiter.

Apart from salt there are other sources too

  • Seafood: experts recommend 2-3 meals of regular seafood per week.
  • Eggs, vegetables, meat and dairy products

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