Delicious Ragi Recipes for Kids

Jul 02 , 2021

When we talk about grains, Ragi is the most delicious one and is loaded with calcium, protein, Vitamin D, and iron. It is considered to be a superfood that must be included in the diet of growing children as it strengthens the bones, prevents anemia, boosts immunity, aids digestion, and also helps skinny children gain weight. But if your kid is a picky eater it may be hard to get them to eat ragi so you need to give it a delicious twist. We tell you some delicious ragi dishes that you can make for your kids. 

  • Ragi noodles 

This is going to be a super healthy and delicious dish for kids. Check out the video below.

  • Ragi pancakes 

Kids love deserts and these ragi pancakes are perfect for them. This combination is rich in both iron and calcium and is said to be super healthy for growing children.

  • Ragi Idli 

If your kids enjoy eating idlis then try to give it a different taste. Ragi idlis are easily digestible and extremely nutritious for babies.

  • Ragi cookies 

Kids love to binge eating cookies and we cannot stop them, so make cookies healthy for them. Replace normal cookies with ragi ones. 

  • Ragi ladoo

They can be made easily with just three main ingredients: ragi, ghee, and dates.

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