Easy Egg Recipes for Kids

Sep 06 , 2021

Egg is equal to a multivitamin meal for kids as it contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin D and minerals. Secondly they are tasty and can be prepared in many different ways too. As summer breaks are going so here are few egg dishes which are perfect for breakfast and evening snacks

Egg Fried Rice
Just add some veggies, eggs , sauces and salt in the left over rice and your egg fried rice are ready to serve.

Egg Toast
Beat two eggs and add a little milk, salt to taste and beat it for two minutes and dip the bread in it. Now heat a pan and drop some oil to it and place the slices of bread dipped in the egg mixture. Turn the bread to the other side and serve with ketchup.

Egg Sandwich
Take a boiled egg and cut it into small pieces. Now add mayonnaise in it and mix it well. Add this mixture on the bread and grill it. You can even spread the pieces of boiled egg on a slice of bread after spreading little bit of butter on them. You can add salt, pepper and cheese on it.Spread tomato ketchup on another slice of bread and the sandwich is ready.

egg sandwich/pixabay
egg sandwich/pixabay

Egg Burger
Take a microwave safe mug and break one egg in it and add salt. Now keep it in microwave for two mins and your egg patty is ready. Now heat the burger burn and place the egg patty on it and top it with cheese slice ad cucumber.

Egg Role
You can make egg role in two ways, one is by mixing 2 eggs along with salt and pepper in one bowl and spreading the mixture on the frying pan which has the role spread on it. Carefully turn the role spread with the mixture and let it cook on medium flame. Serve by adding cheese and sauce to it.

Break two eggs in a bowl and add salt to the taste to it. Now heat the frying pan and add little bit of oil on it and spread the egg mixture on it and add cheese slice and fold. Serve it along with crispy bread or paranthas.

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