Foods to eat during pregnancy for sharp mind baby

Foods to eat during pregnancy for sharp mind baby

Jan 27 , 2020

Almost Every woman dream to have a smart and intelligent baby. But, all this depends on a mother’s diet. If a mother is not taking proper supplements during pregnancy then there are chances that their deficit may cause the baby to be born mentally weak so it is very important for the mother to take proper diet for having a sharp mind baby.



Walnuts are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which help in boosting baby’s brain cell activity. It also helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol.


Salmon helps in the development of the child while boosting the pregnant woman’s mood. It is full of proteins and is a brilliant source of omega-3 fats.


Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, it is good to eat during pregnancy for a sharp mind baby because it protects brain tissue and helps in healthy brain development.


Foods to eat during pregnancy for sharp mind baby

Eggs have amino acid choline, which helps in brain development and increase memory function in the child but.


Pregnant women must intake Iodine during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Iodine is good for healthy brain development and the pregnant woman’s daily intake requirement of iodine rises exponentially through pregnancy .


Beans are healthy  for brain development and also helps in boosting the mother’s energy levels. It holds a lot of protein, minerals, vitamins, starch, and fiber.


Foods to eat during pregnancy for sharp mind baby

Oatmeal includes vitamins E and B, potassium, and zinc that boost cognitive activities and improve a child’s physical and mental development.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D during pregnancy is important for the development of baby’s brain.


During Pregnancy, body works hard for the formation of nerve cells of the baby inside the womb so, it is very important to intake extra protein. So, it is very important to eat protein-rich foods such as yogurt apart from other sources of protein during pregnancy.

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