Foods You Should Not Give to Your Kid in Winters

Nov 20 , 2020

Parents need to be more careful in winters especially when it comes to the diet of their kids. While eating involves a combination of seasonal foods and drinks, knowing what to give to your child is important. There are some foods that you must avoid giving to your kids in the winter season. Check out the list below: 

  • Fried foods 

Fried foods that are fried in fats and oils are derived from animal products and can be a serious problem in kids during winters. Butter, omega-6 fatty acids, lard, and many other oils are actually prepared from animal products and they are known to cause thickening of saliva and mucus, so it is better to avoid such oily foods during winter.

  • Dairy products

Avoid dairy products like cheese, cream during winters to avoid the production of mucus in your children. These products contain animal proteins that can be harmful to kids in this season.

  • Sugary foods 

Sugars are simply bad for children during winter. Too much sugar in the body can reduce the count of white blood cells, exposing your kids’ bodies to viral and bacterial infections. So avoid giving them sugary foods. Examples of such foods are ice cream, cold drinks, candies etc. 

  • Histamine foods 

Histamine-rich foods induce mucus production, which can cause difficulty in swallowing food and other throat problems during winter. Such foods are eggplant, smoked fish, shellfish, and avocado etc. 

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