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How to Get Your Children to Eat More Veggies

Mar 12 , 2021

As children grow up and start to eat more solid food, it becomes important to introduce them to healthy and nutritious food items that will nourish their bodies. Fruits and vegetables obviously are the top choice but toddlers like to eat more for taste and it becomes a little tricky to make them like veggies.

If you have been struggling with the same, there are a few things to keep in mind and some ways to introduce your children to veggies. Read below to know how you can do that:

  • Grab your child’s interest by presenting veggies in a fun way. You can use food cutters to present veggies in different shapes.
  • Use a good amount of herbs to enhance the taste. Once they start liking the taste, it will be easier for you to include those veggies in their food.
  • Try to make their plate more colorful. Making their plate visually appealing will make them want to eat their veggies.
  • Try different forms of cooking. Understand if your child likes sauteed, boiled, or fried veggies and fill their plate accordingly.
  • Do not push them to try things out. Give them time to get used to the ones they are already eating.
  • If you praise your child each time they eat or try vegetables, they’ll be more likely to eat vegetables again.
  • If you get your child involve with cooking they’re more likely to want to eat the vegetables they’ve helped to prepare.
  • Use sauces, dips, and other flavors to cook veggies. This is another way to make them like vegetables.

You can also take some time and introduce one vegetable at a time. Another way to introduce is by adding cheese, bread and even pairing some of the vegetables with their favorite snacks.

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