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Milkshake Recipes for Kids

Jun 01 , 2021

If your kid is a fussy eater then check out the mouthwatering healthy milkshake recipes which are sure to bring a lot of joy to your kids. They will not only appeal to your kids but will also give powerful nutrients to fuel up their growing bodies.

Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolaty milkshake is one of the favourites for your kids.
Method: Mix milk, vanilla ice-cream, and chocolate syrup in the blender and whip until frothy. Crush the chocolate biscuits and blend it with the milkshake for a minute. Add more crushed chocolate biscuits for topping . You can even add whipped cream to top.

Mango Milk Shake
The summer special shake
Method: Cut mangoes and make a puree of it. Now in a blender add mango puree, powdered sugar and blend it well. Pour into glasses and serve. You can add vanilla ice cream if you want. 

Pineapple Milkshake
For all those who find chocolate and strawberry too boring.
Method: Add milk and pineapple cubes to a blender and blend them well till the pineapple cubes are crushed and blended well with the milk. Add the vanilla ice cream and blend till all the ingredients are mixed well. You can add a pinch of cinnamon or ginger to make it more yummy and refreshing

Strawberry and Banana milk Shake

Strawberry and Banana milk Shake

Strawberry Banana Milk Shake
The goodness of fruits in a milkshake
Method: Add little water , banana, sugar, and milk in a blender and blend it well. Then add vanilla essence, ice-cream, and strawberries and blend again for 1-2 minutes . You can also add fresh sliced bananas and strawberries.

Oreo Cookie Milkshake
No one can say no to this!
Method: Crush the the packet of oreo biscuits and in a blender, add vanilla ice cream, milk and chocolate syrup. Now churn until smooth. Top it with leftover crushed oreo cookies.

Few Tips For Milk Shake

  • You can make milkshake with fruits but remember that not all fruits  are not compatible with milk or any dairy products.
  • Including a sweetener in your milkshake recipe can be skipped if the fruits are sweet. 
  • Always use cold milk for making shakes.

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