Simple Ways to Help Your Child Lose Weight

Jun 28 , 2021

Often what works for adults may not be best for kids so if your child is overweight then don’t make them follow a strict diet but work with their pediatrician to make sure that they slim down in a safe way. But we tell you some simple tips to help your child live a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Healthy Snacks

Avoid giving starchy carbohydrates like white bread, french fries, noodles , processed food and instead give them eggs, milk or fruits to kick start their day or even in snacks. Also avoid use of sweet sauces and flavours in milk.

Choose the Vegetables wisely
Choose green leafy vegetables instead of starchy ones like corns, sweet potato and potatoes.

Increase Protein

Add more source of protein in their diet as it stimulates the release of a hormone that helps the body release the stored fat to be used as energy.

Encourage exercise

Encourage your child to stay fit by doing simple things like using the stairs instead of the elevator, cycling instead of going by car , walking, jogging, bike riding, swimming to burn calories. Make sure they spend time playing outside instead of in front of the TV or computer.

Change Eating Habits

If your child eats while watching TV then they may not be aware of how much food they are consuming which often ends up in overeating so stop that. Also avoid giving foods like chocolates and candies as rewards.

Look for alternative
Look for healthy alternatives of unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks. Instead of tang or squash offer them fresh juices, coconut water or buttermilk.

Always remember its’s their growing age so unless the pediatrician recommends avoid any major calorie-cutting plans.

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