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Tips For Packing Your Kid’s Tiffin

Feb 17 , 2020

Is your child making excuses of not eating the tiffian during lunch break? Well then you need serioulsy think about it as the nutritional value of your kid’s lunch box directly affects your kid’s mental and physical growth. So to make your task easier here are few rules which you must follow while pacing your kid’s lunch box

Be creative: Lunchtime is a social time for kids and they want to eat quickly and then get outside to play so be creative and pack something nutritious yet simple cut into bite sizes which is easy to eat. Secondly pack a lunch that isn’t messy like a gravy or curry and go for something dry and spill free like a roll, veg pulao or French toast.

Attractive food: Try adding range of colourful foods by pairing different coloured food. Also pack the fruits of different colours to make the lunch box attractive. For the younger ones you can use fancy cookie cutters to cut out different shapes of sandwiches, parathas and so on.

Pack Protein: Kids needs energy and proteins will help keep them going all day so pack protein rich food boiled eggs, egg sandwich, paneer roll etc.

Plan : Every Sunday plan the lunch for the week so that you want have to think much in the morning and you can do preparations beforehand.

Pack the right way: Pack the food in a way that the food retains its taste till lunch time of your kids.

Kids are more likely to eat what they see their parents eating. So set a good example by eating the same food that you are packing for your kid.

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