Unsafe Food for Infants

Jan 19 , 2021

Post six months kids can be given some food to eat apart from breast milk. We understand that as a parent you would to like to introduce new foods to your kids but we suggest you to go slow. Here we bring the list of foods that can be dangerous for your baby before it turns one and you must avoid them before her first birthday and sometimes beyond.

Big fruits: Fruits like apple, oranges and grapes can cause choking as baby does not have have enough teeth to chew them. If giving them cut them into small manageable pieces for baby. You can offer purees or mashed veggies

Raisins: This should be avoided as it is a choking hazard so don’t give till baby is older.


Hard Toffees: Kids often get impatient after a while and decide to bite the candy. That can lead to chipped or cracked teeth, severe pain.

Popcorns: It is one of those foods that can even get caught in an adult’s throat, causing gagging and choking.

Meat: Meat like prawns, crabs , red meat etc are a common allergen and can even cause chocking.

Tea and Coffee: They contain caffeine which can interfere with absorption of calcium so should be avoided young kids.

Nuts: Nuts should be avoided for  two reasons one as they might choke the baby as they are tough to chew. Secondly nuts have been known to cause allergy so not to introduce them to baby before turning at least one.

More of dry fruits

Carbonated drinks: Soda and colas contain lots of sugar, sodium and artificial flavourings which are not healthy for kids.

Honey: It may contain spores of Clostridium botulinum which can cause Botulism in babies.

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