Valentines Day recipes

Valentines Day recipes to celebrate love at home

Feb 13 , 2020

Once you have kids going out seems like a bad idea especially a day as mushy as Valentine’s Day! I rather prefer sitting at home and enjoying some time with my partner! Plan to make the most out of Valentine’s Day at home? We get you some stellar recipes to celebrate this day of love. These recipes are decadent and easy to make too! So this Valentine’s Day make a delicious treat for your partner.


Vegetable Tagine with Cous Cous

Ingredients for 3 portions

Ingredients Quantity
Cous cous 100 Grm
Bell Peppers 50 Grm
Olive Oil 25 ML
Mint 3 Sprig
Potato 100 Grm
Carrots 100 Grm
Chick pea 100 Grm
Aubergine 100 Grm
Bell peppers 100 Grm
Zucchini 100 Grm
Tomato Sauce 200 ML
Olives Green and black 100 Grm
Butter 50 Grm
Paprika 8 Grm
star Anise 1 Grm
Ground Cinnamon 5 Grm
canyenne pepper 5 Grm
ginger 20 Grm
Turmeric 1 Tsp

Preparation Instructions

Drizzle the cous cous with water and olive oil season and steam for 8 min. Add lemon juice, salt, mint, pepper, olives and toss. Saute the vegetables one by one as per their doneness. Mix with sauce and seasoning and plate the dish.


Chicken roulade

Ingredients for 3 portions

Ingredients Quantity
Chicken Whole 1 Nos
Chicken Mince 250 Grm
eggs 2 Nos
Salt T>T
Blind Bake tart 1 Nos
Sweet Potato 200 Grm
Baby Carrot 2 Nos
Broccoli 50 Grm
Chicken Stock 250 ML
Butter 50 Grm
Blue Berry 100 Grm
White wine (cooking) 50 ML

Preparation Instructions

Debone the chicken with skin and lightly pat to be thin, Mix all the ingredients with mince and stuff. Cook in comby oven to keep it moist and tender. Cool down and slice, Heat in oven and plate on a dish. Cook Blue berry with chicken stocka and add little bit wine to enhance the taste. Finish with seasoning and butter, Roast the sweet potato and peel. Prepare mash and season. Finish with piping in tart. Served with saute carrot and broccoli.


Chocolate Fudge

Ingredients Quantity
Dark Chocolate 0.45 Gms
Butter 0.23 Gms
eggs 5 Nos
Sugar 0.13 Gms
Cocoa Powder 0.03 Gms
Flour 0.13 Gms
Baking Powder 0.01 Gms
Baking Soda 0.01 Gms
Salt 0.01 Gms
Chocolate Chips 0.13 Gms
Vanila Essence 0.01 Gms
Coffee Powder 0.02 Gms
Fresh Strawberry 0.03 Gms

Preparation Instructions

Beat together eggs and sugar, melt butter and chocolate in different utensil, Now add Flour, baking powder, salt, cocoa powder, Baking soda in egg and sugar batter when it is fluffy. Mix butter and chocolate and bake in 180 degree for 20 minutes inside a mould.  Serve with garnish of strawberry.

The above recipes have been shared by Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar.

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