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Do’s and Dont’s to Know About COVID-19 Vaccine

Mar 09 , 2021

The vaccine drive in the country began weeks ago and people are slowly shedding the inhibitions and coming forward to get their vaccine shot. So far, more than 1.63 crore people have received their coronavirus vaccine shot. There have been no reports of any side effects except for only mild ones. However, it is best to take precautions from your end and for that, there are some set of safety precautions and rules that should be kept in mind.

If you are planning to take the vaccine shot or someone in your family is, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before going for it.

  • Make sure you do not have any allergies. It is best to get your blood test done to know if you would show any allergic reaction to certain drugs.
  • People who are in chemotherapy or have diabetes must consult with a medical professional before getting the vaccine.
  • Those who have been infected with the virus or have received plasma therapy are advised not to get the vaccine right now.
  • If you have been prescribed any medicines to take before your vaccination, make sure to take them diligently. Take care of your nutritional needs as well.

There is no reason to worry as there is a lot of information about the vaccine that you can access. Also, people who receive the vaccine are kept under observation for some time at the center to make sure there are no side effects.

It is true that you still may get infected by coronavirus, even if you have received your first vaccine shot as it takes some time for our immune system to build immunity against it. Make sure to take all the necessary precautions like wearing masks and practicing social distancing, even if you have been vaccinated.

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