This Little Boy’s Physiotherapy Video is Winning Hearts

Jul 15 , 2019

No matter in how critical situation you are, positivism really matters and also results in improvement. Recently a girl shared her younger brother’s video while he was getting his physical therapy done and immediately the clip went viral after seeing the little boy’s attitude towards it. In the clip, the boy is seen walking happily on a treadmill with the help of a therapist.

His elder sister posted the video with a caption “So I took my brother to physical therapy today & I’ve never gone & he kept saying, ‘ale look @ me’” She also revealed that her brother has Leigh syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects motor skills and development. “Doctors only gave him 2 years of life but we believe in a great God 🙏 he is about to be 4& thriving,” she tweeted.

Check out the video here:

In a comment, she also said that the therapist had said that after seeing his big sister to support him “that was the most he’s moved his legs.”

The video got over 2 million views and everyone praised the little champ for being so optimistic. 

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