This Woman’s Video is Winning Hearts

Jun 28 , 2019

There are times in our life when unexpected things happen and we are helpless especially when someone’s life is in danger. Recently a one-year-old got saved from falling off a fourth-floor balcony in Colombia because of his mother’s quick reflexes. Video of this whole incidence has gone viral and creating buzz all over the internet as people are praising the woman for being so active and also calling her a great mommy.

CCTV footage shows the boy and his mother walking out of an elevator right before this incident took place.The boy is seen slowly going to see the view from the railing and putting his hands out. He then leans forward and falls right through the railing. Luckily his mother sees him fall, leaps and manages to grab him by his leg.

Check out the video here:

Some people to help out the lady are also spotted in the video. After this scary incidence the building management had placed a cardboard box in front of the railing.

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