5 reasons you are unable to conceive

5 Reasons You Are Unable to Conceive

Jul 20 , 2020

Sometimes, even after being mentally prepared for a baby and are actively trying to conceive you still see a single blue line every time you check a pregnancy test. It can be overwhelmingly disappointing but the truth is that many couples face problems in conceiving. Being unable to conceive a baby doesn’t mean you are not going to have a kid. Patience is a must and now after having a baby, I can assure you that there are many factors, not taking into account medical issues, which affect our reproductive health. Are you among the ones who are trying to have a baby? But aren’t able to? Well the main reason could be your lifestyle. Today, I am going to talk about some of those factors which I took into account before I was able to conceive naturally:


5 reasons you are unable to conceive

Stress, whether for good or bad, is always harmful for your mental and physical wellbeing. When you tell your family and friends that you are “trying” you might hear, “just relax and it will happen”, trust me it is true. According to the doctors, stress can hit the adrenal system and this makes it even more difficult to get pregnant. To have a baby, reduce your stress, by taking out time for yourself and staying tension free and happy. In my opinion, meditation and exercise also help.

Sleep Deprivation

5 reasons you are unable to conceive

Sleep Deprivation is perhaps the biggest problem our generation faces. We lie on our bed and browse the social media for hours! This causes stress and tiredness which negatively affect the reproductive cycle of both men and women. Inadequate sleep can also affect the immune system of your body and increases chances of getting infections and it also damages the sperm. So try getting a proper and healthy sleep.

Cycle confusion

5 reasons you are unable to conceive

The biggest confusion in the cycle is timing. Most of us were taught about the 28-day cycle, but every woman is different and cycles vary. Conceiving will become easy if you monitor ovulation and start having sex at the right time. For this I tried an app which tracks period dates and would tell me the right dates I was ovulating on. It helped me immensely.

Unknown medical issues

5 reasons you are unable to conceive

In most of the cases, undiagnosed medical conditions can lead to infertility. Thyroid imbalance, diabetes, depression, weight issues or any autoimmune disease have been related to the problem of getting pregnant. Consult your doctor, maybe they can help.

Weight issues

5 reasons you are unable to conceive

Underweight or overweight women always face some troubles while trying to conceive. An undernourished body may not be able to ovulate properly. According to me, a healthy diet and exercise routine will be wonderful for your mind and body both. Try to stay healthy and relaxed.

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