5 tips to better hair post-pregnancy

5 Tips to Better Hair Post-Pregnancy

Sep 15 , 2020

Don’t we all love the pregnancy glow and lush heavy hair that comes along? Well, all thanks to the pregnancy hormones we all get a heavier and prettier mane when we are expecting. I had perfect pregnancy hair, they looked healthy, shiny and much like I had used a hair straightener every time I stepped out! But after the baby happened a few months later I experienced a torrential hair fall leaving me sad, stressed and with not even half of the hair, I had in my pregnancy. The quality of hair also changed. Most women experience hair fall post delivery and around 6 months. It’s mostly because all the nutrition reserves our bodies make when we are expecting end in that 6 month period, quicker if you are breastfeeding or not taking postnatal vitamins. Here are 5 tips to get perfect hair post-baby:

Massage some organic coconut oil:

5 tips to better hair post-pregnancy

Source – bathkandy

Massaging some good quality oil helps in making the roots nourished and relaxing you too. Gentle application and massage is a must to avoid hair fall too. Pick a good quality and pure coconut oil. We like the organic, cold pressed coconut oil by Pure & Sure.

Use SLS free shampoo:

5 tips to better hair post-pregnancy

Now that you have had a baby please start skipping the harmful chemicals and SLS in shampoos is a known carcinogen and it makes shampoos lather. An SLS free concoction will be gentler on the mane and help you avoid extra chemicals.

Get a hair spa:

5 tips to better hair post-pregnancy

Source – hermosaclub

Yes, guilty as charged! Leaving your child for two hours might sound insane but believe me it will relax you. Try going right after the kid has had his milk and is sleepy. The little one shall sleep away as mama gets better and glossier mane!

Continue with your prenatal vitamins:

5 tips to better hair post-pregnancy

Your prenatal vitamins are essential to keep your nutrient levels perfect and how to know if you need them post-baby? Well, most doctors suggest continuing your vitamins for 10 weeks post baby but if you experience hair fall, mood swings or are sleepy consult your doctor and continue taking them.

Crop them shorter:

5 tips to better hair post-pregnancy

Source – groupon

Can’t get time to wash, condition, oil and style your long hair? Crop them shorter, a few inches shorter or a bob cut depends on how much you are willing to experiment.

Also if your hair fall doesn’t stop, consider getting hormonal tests after asking your doctor. As many times, your hormones post-baby can be havoc.

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