Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

Mar 18 , 2021

A baby shower is a ceremony to celebrate the new phase of a woman’s life and with her girls around, the mommy waits for baby tips, support, and gifts. When you are invited to a baby shower, the biggest thing to decide is what’s the perfect gift. Well, there are a lot of gifts that you can give to the expecting mom. So here is a list to choose from

Heart touching pictures that prove pregnancy is a beautiful journey
  • Costumes 

You can gift costumes made in comfortable fabrics that keep the baby warm and can be a great attire for the baby’s photo sessions. You can also get customized shoes for the baby.

  • Pillows 

You can give customised pillows, they will add to the decor of the room as well. 

  • Parenting books 

Parenthood is an overwhelming experience,you can help your new mom friend out by getting them such book. 

  • Spa coupon 

Once the delivery is done, a woman needs some rest and relaxing time. So a spa coupon is a good option.

  • Baby carrier 

One of the better utility-based baby shower gifts for mum to be, is baby carrier. 

  • Gift baskets 

You can prepare a gift basket for your friend. You can include “Mommy Survival Kit” or “Baby Grooming” and add items like nail clippers, cotton swabs, baby hairbrush, Booties, onesies, socks, soft toys, rattler, blocks, baby spoons, etc.

  • Infant bathtub 

Gifting a compact and foldable baby bathtub is a great idea.

  • Gift card

Every woman loves shopping and gift card is a wonderful gift. Your friend can buy the gift of her choice.

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