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Bottom Wear Options for Pregnant Women

Mar 16 , 2020

Comfort should be the utmost thing during pregnancy for both your body and mind.For body comfort comes from your clothes, so wearing the right ones is a necessity. Top wear can be managed, but deciding bottoms wear can be tedious so here is the list of bottom options for pregnant women:

•    Make cotton your best friends. Wear cotton clothes that are breathable and comfortable.

•    Wear clothes that provide support for the belly as it will make you comfortable

•    Go for pants that have a zipper or belt, so you can adjust them accordingly.

•    Avoid unnatural fabrics like synthetics, elastin, chiffon, and georgette

•    Maxi dresses, loose shirts, gowns, tunics, and wraparounds are a few appropriate choices because they are easy wears that are comfortable.

•    Wear clean clothes

•    You need to pee a lot during this time so buy bottoms keeping this thing in mind.

•    Wear clothes that have loose elastic

Bottom wear options:

•    Palazzo

Palazzo’s are loose and comfortable, you can surely wear them in pregnancy. You can pair them with kurta, tunics and tops.

•    Skirts

Skirts have many benefits for pregnant women. They are flattering, easy to get into and out and keeps you cool in summers.

•    Pants

Pants are comfortable, fashionable and trendy and go with every top wear. You can pair the basic black pants with any color and rock the work style as well. You can go for wide-legged and cigarette pants.

•    Lowers

Pajamas are super comfy and the best option to wear during pregnancy. You can get trendy designs and different types of fabrics as well. 

•    Leggings

Leggings are comfort and style. You will feel comfortable all day long in leggings. Just go for a good brand. You can opt for colored leggings, printed leggings, leggings with sheer paneling, and so on.

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