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Breastfeeding week 2021: Some Myths about Breastfeeding

Aug 05 , 2021

Breastfeeding is just amazing as the bond it creates between a mother and child, to the benefits it has for babies and mother, there are so many reasons which is why it is called “liquid gold”.  The physiological mechanisms involved in breastfeeding are quite fascinating. If you are breastfeeding or about to do that, you must have heard many myths about it, and as its Breastfeeding Week so we bust a few of them

•    Breast size matter: The amount of breast milk you can produce has nothing to do with your breast size. Hormones are what activates your mammary glands to secrete milk.

•   Wash your nipples: It is a myth that you have to wash your nipples before breastfeeding.

•    Never feed post-workout: There is no reason that you can’t breastfeed after your work out.

•    Breast milk tastes bad: It tastes like cow’s milk but is nuttier, sweeter and almost vanilla-like.

•    Breast milk is always white: The fact is it can be colorful like yellow or pink depending on what you eat or drink. No need to worry as it is OK for baby.

Refrain from breastfeeding: If a woman has symptoms of cold, cough, or fever, she should refrain from breastfeeding. Generally, when a mother has a mild cough, cold, and fever, she can safely breastfeed her baby. 

 Vaccine: It is a myth that you can’t breastfeed after 24 hours of getting the vaccine.

•   Taste and Smell doesn’t Change: The smell and taste of your breast milk change depending on the foods you had.

•    One breast at the time: Babies should nurse from one breast at a time is not correct as they might need to nurse from both.

•    Lack of iron: Those who say there is not enough iron in your breast milk, lie as breast milk contains the perfect amount of iron for your baby.

  Formula milk is the same: Well this statement is not true. Formula is not like breast milk AT ALL. The formula is more like “medicine” than food.

•    No Medication: You can’t take medications while breastfeeding? This is not correct, as some medicines are compatible with breastfeeding but always seek advice from a doctor.

    Other common Myths

•  Exercise will affect the taste of your milk.

•    If you go back to work, you’ll have to stop breastfeeding. Many mothers continue breastfeeding after going back to work too.

•   Covid positive women cannot breastfeed. well, WHO suggests that breast milk has more benefits to surpass the risk of transmission.

• Many believe that pumped milk is not healthy but its a myth because it doesn’t lose any nutrients.

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