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Easy Home Exercises For Pregnant Women

Nov 02 , 2020

Staying at home is surely a difficult task. But this doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and not do any physical activity. In fact, this is a great time to work on your fitness and this includes pregnant women as well. The mamas to be are in the high-risk category and must always take all the precautions before stepping out of the house in this pandemic. Also pregnant women must pay attention to staying fit and active throughout their pregnancy. Working out is the best thing to do and with the comfort of a home it becomes easy as well. So here are easy home exercises for pregnant women:

•    Relaxed belly breathing

This is a type of meditative exercise. Moderating the way you breathe can make sure you get the oxygen supply and nutrients to the baby. This helps you stay calm and even relax between contractions. Doing this exercise regularly can be really beneficial for your health.

•    Cat cow pose

This pose is one of the pregnant women’s favorite and comes with several benefits. It ensures enhanced mobility, strengthening the lower back and abdomen as well. Regular practice of cat-cow pose can also encourage the body to progressively adopt an easy and ideal birth position.

•    Kegels

Kegels can be really helpful for pregnant women. It involves squeezing and relaxing the muscles around your genital and promotes pelvic health and helps you prepare for labor and delivery.

•    Weight training

Who said pregnant women can’t lift weights? In fact simple weight training exercises can be beneficial for them. Stretches and weight engagement exercises can ease lower back pain and build stamina and endurance during pregnancy. It also fights off excess weight gain.

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