Effects of Air Pollution on Pregnant Women

Nov 17 , 2020

The air pollution levels increase just as winters arrive and many people underestimate the ill-effects of such high pollution levels. It can not only be a problem for people who are already suffering from respiratory issues but is equally fatal for expecting mothers.

The respiratory issues are being observed more and more in newborns and many young children complain of breathlessness. There are many health issues that severe pollution can cause

Air pollution effects on pregnancy

A relationship has been established between the presence of pollutants in air and the birth weight of newborns. With every 10-µg/m3 increase PM 2.5, the baby’s birth weight can go don by four grams. Pregnant women living in areas which are relatively cleaner are likely to see 70- to 80-gram increase in their baby’s weight.

Risks of air pollution

When the air is polluted, it can affect the oxygen levels in the air and the growing fetus may not be able to receive the optimum amount of oxygen. This can lead to birth defects and may even result in premature birth.

Breathing in polluted air is just as bad as smoking and it can also cause miscarriages. Studies have shown that the presence of gases like nitrogen dioxide can increase the risk of miscarriages. It can also cause problems like autism, asthma, and fertility issues.


It is important to take measures to keep yourself protected from the effects of air pollution. Avoid going outdoors, use inhalers, include nutritious food in your diet, and get an air purifier for your house.

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