High Heels and Baby Bump

Of High heels and baby bump: How to let go of those heels

Jan 24 , 2018

As a stylish first time mom to be, my dress up inspiration came from numerous celebrities I saw on screen and off it rocking short dresses and high heels. And when my gynae told me to stay away from heels I was amazed, yes I was not much of a high heel stiletto person but I love my wedges and block heels. I took to the internet to know if that pair of heels was a good idea and the results confused me. Every time I saw a Kim Kardashian or Kareena Kapoor carrying heels with that baby bump I hated my doctor a bit more!

But after a quick chat with her and the right online information I understood why it matters. People tell you not to wear that pair of sky high heels with your baby bump because your center of gravity shifts when you are pregnant making you prone to falling.

High heels and baby bump

Here is how to get over your love for heels:

Comfort over style

We would all agree that we look for comfort especially after we gain a few kilos into our preganancy. While the celebs might just wear that pair of heels for a small duration, it leaves a big dent on people like me who have gained weight and feel insecure of their looks during pregnancy. Comfortable footwear make you walk quicker without the chance of slipping!

Try different footwear

Being restricted to flats doesn’t mean wearing bathroom slippers or sport shoes. Look around and try those beautiful embellished jutis, a pair of sneakers or thong sandals. Please check that the base of your foot wear is not slippery.

High heels and baby bump

Regular pedicures

Pedicures help you relax and give some TLC to those tired feet. Pregnancy and a huge bump often makes it difficult to clean your feet properly and a pedicure cleanses your feet while relaxing you.

Nail polish is your BFF

Honestly, get your hubby to do your nails often as this luxury comes only with the bump! Plus your feet would look beautiful in those sandals.

Wear platforms or boots

Try wearing your heels (if important) as platform heels or boots as they are comfortable and allow you to look stylish.

PS as much as I love my heels, my health and my baby’s security made me rethink my decision and three years’ post my pregnancy I am now a sneaker hoarder, makes running after a toddler easier!

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