Is it safe to consume caffeine while breastfeeding?

Jan 23 , 2020

You are likely to get used to a restricted amount of caffeine during your pregnancy and might be waiting to start consuming coffee soon after your delivery.  Sleepless nights spent taking care of your newborn will make you crave for coffee, more than ever.But your family may advise you to take it slow as it is well known that a mother’s diet directly affects the nutrients in breast milk. So, is it okay to consume caffeine while breastfeeding? Let’s find out.

Caffeine and breastfeeding

New moms are allowed to have caffeine as it does not have any significant impact on the baby’s health. Mothers can consume up to 300 milligrams of caffeine in a day. There is no restriction on the source, you can choose from coffee, tea, green tea or sports drink. If you consume caffeine in moderation, you will see no visible effect on your baby. However, if your baby is sensitive to caffeine, he or she may seem irritable or may not be able to sleep properly. The best way to find out if your caffeine consumption is the reason behind it is by limiting the intake and seeing if anything changes.

Effect of caffeine on breast milk

There is no direct correlation between the quality of breast milk with caffeine consumption. There is a common myth that consumption of caffeine decreases the production of breast milk but there is no scientific evidence to prove it.  The traces of caffeine are of course found in the milk as it enters through the bloodstream but in no way does it compromises the nutritional value of the breast milk.

To conclude, yes, you can consume caffeine after your delivery while breastfeeding. Make sure you know how much caffeine your drinks contain so keep an eye on the label for that.

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