Quarantine Pregnancy Announcements Are a Thing Now!

Jul 16 , 2020

India and the world over are expecting to see a big baby boom in the coming few months, with an estimated 20 million births taking place in the rest of the months of 2020 and first half of 2021, who will all be known as ‘quarantine’ or ‘lockdown’ babies! The Internet was filled with jokes around couples who are correctly using their time at home, so much that it turned into a memes fest online during the lockdown. 

While the lockdown may have affected the baby announcements and visits, parents-to-be have given their own twist to announcing the happy news: quarantine baby announcements:

Baby announcements are a kind of good news in these gloomy days, the funny, cute and the downright adorable baby announcements on the internet are winning hearts. 

Check out some of the posts below and take some inspiration, in case you are also planning to do the same:

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