Reasons why breasts get hard when breastfeeding

Aug 17 , 2020

Breastfeeding my baby, I knew my boobs would change. We generally hear that breasts become bigger and leak milk, but the main thing I was not prepared for was the pain and the weight that my breasts feeling lumpy. Here are the reasons why you get hard breasts:

After a baby, the hormones signal the body to begin milk production whether you feed or not. Milk is produced in lobules that flow in ducts that are removed after breastfeeding the child. The breasts feel hard this time simply because it’s full or in many cases because it swells. Full breasts feel firm and hard like a water balloon. Using plugged ducts also hurts this time because the breasts already become too hard.


Talking about the reasons why breasts get hard after breastfeeding it is because:

  • Maybe because of regular fullness
  • Over production of milk
  • A bad latch
  • A bad fitted bra
  • Some even say a possible reason can be the nature of the milk coming in

As breasts produce milk, the extra blood and tissue fluids that come in helps with milk production. This is what causes congestion and swelling for a while. The boobs getting harder are not just because of milk but blood, and fluids that are produced. There are also advises regarding the use of plugged ducts because they can lead to mastitis, a painful infection.

Sometimes when you have excessive supply the milk can get clogged and lead to mastis a painful condition where your breast get hard, painful and leads to fever. Pump out the extra milk to make sure your breast get soft.

Warm bath can relieve the extra milk by making it flow out quicker. However you must avoid excessive pumping as they lead to over-production of milk which will make them harder.

The best solution recommended for engorged or full breasts is feeding the baby regularly but only till they need with applying warm or cool compresses to the breasts when they begin to feel over-full. To get relief it is also advised to put an ice pack that into the bra, but yes away from skin. Wear two night bras, and layer it between them. It relieves! Feel free to consult the doctor if you have other major issues.

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