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Should You get your Ovary Size Checked Before Starting a Family?

Dec 12 , 2019

Ovaries are a part of the female reproductive system and are responsible for the production of female eggs called ovum. These eggs are stored in the ovaries itself. Apart from producing eggs, ovaries are also responsible for the production of female hormones called Estrogen and Progesterone.  Now that we have a brief idea about the function and importance of ovaries, should you be worried about its size? Let’s find out.

It is a fact that small ovaries (smaller than the normal size) have less reserve of eggs and that can create problems while conceiving. However, having larger ones do not guarantee more reserve, In fact, if the ovaries are too large, it can be due to the presence of tumor or fibroids.

Another fact is that the size of ovaries has a direct relation with ease of conceiving.  The size of the ovaries is influenced by the factors listed below:

  • Abnormal hormonal changes
  • Change in size during pregnancy
  • Age
  • Medical conditions

The size of the ovaries can be easily determined with the help of ultrasound and blood tests. You can also get the number of follicles in your ovaries checked.  

There are ways to stimulate the growth of follicles in the ovaries. Women with smaller ovaries can also opt for the treatment with FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) by consulting with a gynecologist.

There are many ways to avoid abnormal growth of ovaries. These are a few things you should take care of-

  • Healthy diet and exercise
  • Stress management
  • No smoking and alcohol consumption

Here are a few reasons why you should get your ovary size checked before starting a family. Taking appropriate steps can also save you from long term damage if at all, any health issues are discovered.

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