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Stylish Ways to Flaunt Your Baby Bump

Dec 23 , 2019

Pregnancy does not mean that you have to transform your wardrobe as you can wear whatever you wish to still look graceful.  Look at Kareena Kapooor or Kim Kardashian, pregnancy did not hinder their style and it shouldn’t hinder yours too!

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling that we as mother go through but sometimes we all end up feeling insecure about our looks. Yes, we gain weight and a bump in the process of making a baby but that should make us proud and confident and not the other way round. Gone are the days when dressing in over sized tees was the norm as here are some ways to dress your baby bump fashionably

Wear what you like

Many women think that they cannot wear tight clothes during pregnancy because it looks weird, but that’s not true black biker jacket with t-shirt, jeans and boots look cool and stylish with your baby bump. Whatever you wear just make sure you are comfortable.

Lycra dress

During pregnancy lycra dresses are very comfortable to wear and are very good to show your baby bump. Wrap up your baby bump in different lycra dresses with different styles and color. It looks very pretty and gives a royal look when you go out in evening or for a party.

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Maxi dress

If you want to give a casual look and are not comfortable in wearing short dresses then, you should go for beautiful maxi dresses with different patterns and styles. You can wear maxi dress with long shrugs and stoles, too and are  perfect for going out on lunch or out for shopping.

T-shirt dress

If you want to give a funky look yet be comfortable then a t-shirt dress with white sneakers is a good option.


During winters you can wear bright color cardigans with long dresses to keep your body warm and look stylish too. If you want to flaunt your baby bump then you must close the buttons of your cardigan so that your baby bump looks amazing.


If you are not a denim person and like wearing trousers then, you can find casual pants with the right belly support. Look for pants with a wide band and  strong supportive fabric.




Blazers also work in the same way as cardigans as they help to flatter the overall figure, which makes pregnancy look great on you. You can go for blazers with maternity leggings and tank tops.

Maternity leggings

Maternity leggings are very important for pregnant ladies as they end up most of their days in these leggings during pregnancy. These leggings are made for pregnant ladies to support the baby bump and reduce round ligament pain. It is kind of a shapewear for pregnancy and is very versatile too as you can wear it with  sweater, t-shirt or blazer.

Any other way you styled your pregnancy. Please tell us!

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