Things You Need to Know About Post-Partum Rage

Feb 02 , 2021

Becoming mother is a beautiful feeling but this joy also comes with many problems that at times are hard to identify. One such common issue is post- partum rage, a condition that women go through weeks after giving birth. Many ladies fail to understand this and thus the situation becomes severe so, it’s important to know everything about it.

Why it happens?


Whenever you become a new mom it needs a lot of learning to make sure your baby remains healthy. Therefore this pressure builds up into a depression in which a lady emotionally and physically gets drained. In this stress of getting to know everything about new born life you forget about yourself which impacts the baby too.


1- A feeling of being overwhelmed and trapped or that it is impossible to cope.

2- Unnecessary mood swings which lasts for more than a week.

3- Mostly feel like crying.

4- Always feel guilty.

5- Frequent irritability

6- Headaches, stomach aches, blurred vision

7- Lack of appetite

8- Loss of libido

9- Panic attacks

10- Persistent fatigue

11- Concentration problems

12- Reduced motivation

13- Sleeping problems

14- Lack of interest in yourself and the new baby

15- A feeling of inadequacy

16- Don’t feel like going out and meeting friends.

Tips to get recovery from post-partum rage:

1- The most important thing at this time is to take care of yourself. Take hot bath with good organic products which have good fragrance as it will help you in relaxing and also strengthen your mental health.

2- Because of taking baby’s care you forget eating proper food which is why you get more frustrated. Hence, take proper meals, make a food chart for yourself and eat all the necessary nutrients.

3- Do not take overload of household work as this time is for you and your baby. Don’t exert yourself, call someone for help or do the necessary things when your baby is sleeping. Take small naps in between to ease your mind and spend most of your day in feeding and cuddling your munchkin.

4- No matter what problems you are going through, life is all about ups and downs take it as a challenge and face everything like a strong mother. Do not compare your child with others or discuss your personal problems with third person.

5- In every new mom’s life there comes a saturation point when they feel like giving up. Undoubtedly these days are stressful and even the fluctuation in time is a frequent affair but enjoy it with positivity. These are the days that will always remain special for you, don’t spoil them by losing temperament or hope.

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