This clip from the labour room is going viral

Sep 24 , 2019

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time of a woman’s life and during this phase what can be better than your partner’s pampering to make you feel special. Recently one such loving husband’s efforts for his expecting wife is winning everyone’s heart.

Recently a man named Kendall Caver from Atlanta, Georgia made a scrapbook filled with memories of his wife and him to make her love feel good while going through two-day-long labour pain. He also used a flashlight to make sure she is able to see everything and the entire video of this incidence has gone viral.

The clip immediately got mixed reactions online, some found it really adorable and called him the best husband while few thought that the video was more about Caver than his wife. Besides this, some also got unpleased with the fact that why he wasted a paper and not said all these things while holding her hand.

Check out his post here:

He shared the video with a caption “Encouraging my wife through two days of labour. Last night my Warrior Wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!” The video features Caver holding a book with the word “breathe” written on it as his wife Jasmine lies on the bed before him.

Check out the people’s reactions to it here:

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